Sarah Fox

British Soprano | "Refulgent tone….& shining intelligence.." – Gramophone | "Power & Clarity…Understated Heroism" – New York Times

About Sarah

I was born at home in Giggleswick, North Yorkshire on what I am reliably informed was a very misty September morning. I went to Giggleswick School along with my older brother & sister and where my parents worked and taught for 44 years. I then went to University at Royal Holloway College, London University where I did a music degree and finally, went on to study singing for 4 years at the Royal College of Music.

Since then, I have been out in the big wide world of the music profession and love what I do. It isn’t all glitz and glamour – hulking big suitcases around, living out of bags and experiencing many a train or ‘plane delay, but I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do and feel nowhere more at home than when I stand infront of audiences and sing to them. Whether they’re big or small, young or old, in the Royal Albert Hall or in old peoples’ homes they’re all the same: music is for everyone, it means different things to different people and is an essential part of daily life.

Aside from my music, I am an avid watcher of nearly all sports – particularly snooker which many of my friends find amusing, if not a little odd. I love baking and, more importantly, eating cakes, biscuits and all the things we’re told we shouldn’t really have. Ooops. And I love cats.

You will have gathered by now that this is not my official biography for the purposes of opera/concert programmes; this can be found in various formats under my MEDIA page.